Monday, November 5, 2007

Winter Builds

No story today, I know you're all deeply disappointed. Here are the winter builds. I am going to remain fairly useless until Wednesday, but I should be able to work OK from then.
England: REMOVE Fleet Clyde
England: REMOVE Fleet English Channel
France: BUILD Fleet Marseilles
Germany: BUILD Fleet Kiel
Italy: BUILD Fleet Naples
Russia: BUILD Army Sevastopol
Turkey: REMOVE Army Constantinople

SPRING 1904 MAP (click)


BobW said...

A question which I hope is not too impertinent:

England gained and lost Belgium and Norway. Then he lost Liverpool and Edinburgh, now retaining only London. Should England not have just one fleet left?

Keifus said...

Damn impertinence, everwhere I turn!

Nah, it's OK. Russia was in Norway at the end of the spring move, but in the fall, moved out. You need to hold the center at the end of the year for it to be yours.

Since you're following along, consider shooting me an email (, have an issue which maybe could use your help.