Saturday, November 3, 2007

Captain's Log (II)

[From the diary of Cock Turlington...]

Nov. 2, 1903
Command remains a grim duty, had I once thought it glorious? Such childish sentiment. I have watched my brothers die on the shores of Belgium, unable to flee to safety of the seas, sprinting heedless into the bloody foam under the hail of guns and bombs. We rowed to them, some we even saved. It mattered little. They looked behind them as they ran, not out to their would-be rescuers, fleeing the wave of gray uniforms that stormed the crests. We fired our guns. They landed everhwhere, strewing broken earth and bodies. The bodies, sailing unnaturally through the air. I can't rid them from my mind.

What since then? I have attacked the French fleet. The Evitable, Lord bless her, is still a mightier vessel than any of them, neglecting the "secret weapon" I've seen written in my correspondences to Headquarters. The very project is likely in danger. Regardless, we are faster, stronger than they, but by the dark of night, the French were indistinguishable from any other ships. I fear we gunned some of our own--more flying bodies, shudder the thought--but the greater defeat is the loss of the ports of Albion. It's been nearly a thousand years since the Normans gained our shores! And though we engaged many of their gunships, we couldn't sink their ferries. To hell with them, the hated French have bested us with their mean wiles. They fight with no honor, fleeting past us under the moon, our great English guns splashing into the drink. What is the use?

We troll the Channel, my men and I, but the mood could not be worse. Fishing boats sail past us. Will the Frogs swim past again? I quiz my sailors with reports. 'Who goes there?' 'Which King do you serve?' as though to trick them. It is ridiculous. I fear the eyes of my hands, I've thrown men in the brig for rakish looks. Who can feign confidence in these times? I fear I am going mad.

My Mum, if she's still alive, considers cooperation with alien forces, or else flees to the interior of our island. The heart of the British Empire has never seemed so small. Did we feel so when the Saxon reavers sailed on us? Does it matter? I hope she has pursued the latter course, but I hear nothing here on the ocean, nor in our few hours in port. The Channel is too perilous to abandon at once. We fire our guns with futility on the French shores. Everywhere, the king loses ground, and I fear our supplies will soon wear thin.
MAP OF MOVES (click)Austria: Fleet Aegean Sea -> Bulgaria (south coast)
Austria: Army Budapest -> Rumania (*bounce*)
Austria: Army Greece SUPPORT Fleet Aegean Sea -> Bulgaria (south coast)
Austria: Army Serbia SUPPORT Fleet Aegean Sea -> Bulgaria (south coast)

England: Fleet English Channel -> Brest (*bounce*)
England: Fleet London HOLD
England: Fleet North Atlantic Ocean -> Clyde
England: Fleet North Sea CONVOY Russian Army Norway -> Denmark

France: Army Brest HOLD
France: Army Gascony HOLD
France: Fleet Irish Sea SUPPORT Fleet Mid-Atlantic Ocean
France: Army Liverpool HOLD
France: Fleet Mid-Atlantic Ocean SUPPORT Fleet Irish Sea

Germany: Fleet Baltic Sea SUPPORT Fleet Sweden
Germany: Army Belgium -> Holland
Germany: Army Burgundy -> Belgium
Germany: Army Prussia SUPPORT Army Silesia -> Warsaw
Germany: Army Silesia -> Warsaw
Germany: Fleet Sweden HOLD

Italy: Fleet Eastern Mediterranean HOLD
Italy: Fleet Ionian Sea -> Aegean Sea
Italy: Army Smyrna -> Constantinople (*bounce*)
Italy: Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea HOLD
Italy: Army Venice HOLD
Italy: Army Vienna HOLD

Russia: Army Armenia -> Ankara
Russia: Fleet Gulf of Bothnia -> Sweden (*bounce*)
Russia: Army Norway -> Denmark via convoy
Russia: Fleet Norwegian Sea -> Edinburgh
Russia: Fleet Rumania SUPPORT Turkish Army Bulgaria (*cut*)
Russia: Army Ukraine SUPPORT Fleet Rumania

Turkey: Army Ankara -> Constantinople
Turkey: Fleet Black Sea SUPPORT Army Ankara -> Constantinople
Turkey: Army Bulgaria SUPPORT Army Ankara -> Constantinople (*cut, destroyed*)
England: Removes 2 units
France: Builds 1 unit
Germany: Builds 1 unit
Italy: Builds 1 unit
Russia: Builds 1 unit
Turkey: Removes 1 unit


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